Deathcare for All — 2019

Policy, product

Deathcare for All is a social policy proposal which asks Congress to fund a Universal Deathcare program through the Social Security Administration.

A holistic system was developed to prioritize patient care, including an estate planning chatbot, reusable State-issued urns, and a newly-developed disposition marker to replace the traditional gravestone for an ash-scattering site context.

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With shifting cultural norms, what happens when Millennials start aging?

How will they want to be remembered?

If they can’t afford to live, how will this generation afford to die?

The “Deathcare for All” SSA portal turns boring data entry into conversations using the open-source Conversational Form platform.

The State-issued urn alleviates the often uneasy burden of urn stewardship.

The disposition marker uses the patient’s now-defunct SSN as a perpetual identifying token for digital remains visualization.


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