Welcome to the U.S. Social Security Administration’s Deathcare planning portal.
This form needs to be updated and submitted by 1 April 2020.

Section 1a:    Basic information

        Section 1b:    Medical information

Section 2a:    Emergency contact information

        Section 2b:    Dependents and beneficiaries

Section 3a:    Important documents

        Section 3b:    Financial disclosures

        Section 3c:    Business disclosures

        Section 3d:    Property disclosures

        Section 3e:    Non-governmental insurance

Section 4a:    Upon my passing

        Section 4b:    Last wishes and obituary

        Section 4c:    Funeral arrangements

        Section 4d:    Last words

Section 5:    Email and social media ownership

Section 6a:    Logistics

        Section 6b:    Notorize Last Will and Testament