Always Be Charging — 2017


The problem

Charging batteries is a reality of every day life. People constantly stress about having enough power to get through the day.

Long-range wireless charging seems to be a while off technologically. Battery capacity increases seem to be slowing down.

The solution

An intermediate solution is to use existing technology to constantly charge your devices.


Charging is a conscious process.

In order to charge a device we must maintain an active interaction with the power supply, whether this is a wire, a battery pack, or a wireless charging pad.

Battery phone cases attempt to solve this problem, but only go part of the way, because you still have to charge the case. This defeats the point as you have essentially just created a larger bulkier battery.

Charging as a passive process. Charge without thinking about it.

Through adding a third step, we can simplify the user interaction.

Instead of going from A supply︎B device, we can charge A supply︎B passthrough battery︎C device.


A charging pad︎B backpack battery︎C laptop.
From A charging chair︎B pocket battery︎C phone.

The passthrough battery charges the device when not connected to a supply.

Functional prototype

Using an assemblage of existing components, chair charges battery charges phone.


Leo is currently searching for full-time and freelance opportunities in New York.